Via Felicium Sensation (5 months) and Via Felicium Arizona (6 years) in swimming pool

Via Felicium Zepter in swimming pool

Via Felicium Peter Velikiy (Via Felicium Zepter & Sant Kreal Treasure) 16 months Defence training with Roman Lezhnev & new helper for him Dmitriy Zaytsev 💪

Via Felicium Delicia vs Dmitriy ZAITSEV

Via Felicium Peter Velikiy (15 months) protection training

Via Felicium Neva (20 months) protection training

Via Felicium Roxy 5 months

Via Felicium Ruslan 4 months

Via Felicium Zepter vs Alexey Borisov

Via Felicium Peter Velikiy 6 months

Via Felicium Peter Velikiy 3,5 months

Via Felicium Olga 3,5 months

Via Felicium puppies

Via Felicium M and N litter with adult dogs

14.05.2017 All-Russian dog show (Champion RKF) in St.-Peterburg , judge: Zhuk G & Strelkova G.
Via Felicium  Arizona (Troy del NasiTahi-Reme Kaylie) — 1 exc, CW, J.CAC, Best Junior, Best female, Best of Breed, WINNER BEST IN SHOW JUNIOR,  WINNER BEST IN SHOW of the 2nd group FCI!

Puppies Via Felicium V-Litter (45 days)

Teraline Orleit

Via Felicium A-litter first walk

Presentation Tahi-Reme Kaylie, 2 years old

Presentation Teraline Inante, 20 months old

Sant Kreal Prelest`, protection training, 5 months old

Teraline Orleit, protection training, 7 months old

Tahi-Reme Kaylie, BH exam

Teraline Inante, ВН exam

Tahi-Reme Kaylie, protection training, 16 months old

Playing of our dobermanns, Teraline Inante & Sant Kreal Prelest`

How to glue cropped ears Doberman properly