New photos and videos of puppies from I-litter from the combination:
Nichel Del Najo Made In Sicily & Teraline Orleit
These puppies are AVAILABLE FOR SALE


Via Felicium Itan

Via Felicium Irbis

Via Felicium Illario

Via Felicium Iliana

Added photos of puppies from K-litter from combination:
Colt di Perlanera & Via Felicium  Arizona
3 males & 5 females (all puppies black & tan)
These puppies are AVAILABLE FOR SALE
Via Felicium Vostorg 
(Prince Piero di Perlanera & Tahi Reme Kaylie) — Cardio – free (EKG, ECHO, Doppler, Holter 24 h)

Via Felicium Vostorg1

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