Via Felicium Vostorg

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Via Felicium Vostorg (1)
DOB 01.10.2016

IDC 2018 - 4ex. in Intermediate class
Euro Dog Show 2018 - vice-Winner open class

GOLDEN DOBERMANN 2018 - 4ex. in Intermediate class
HDK 2019 - 3ex. in Champion class

Champion of Russia
Champion of RKF
Young Champion of Russia
2 x Russian Dobermann Club Winner
Best Puppy Male Eurasia-1 2017
4хJ.CAC , 2xBest Young, 4xBest male

vWd — clear
HD-A (Germany)
Cardio – free (EKG, ECHO, Doppler, Holter 24 h) 01.2019

BH (57 points)
IGP  in preparing

owner: Natalya Tolkanyuk (Russia, Moscow)